How Telemedicine Could Work for You

Dec 02, 2023
 How Telemedicine Could Work for You
Telemedicine helps you keep in contact with your medical team when you’re out of town or too sick for an office visit. Here’s everything you know about telehealth and how it enhances medical care.

Telemedicine is a medical service that allows you to visit your physician from wherever you are with a phone, computer, or tablet and an internet connection. Telemedicine visits are more convenient than in-person medical visits, making primary care and preventive medicine more accessible. 

In 2021, almost 40% of adults in the United States reported using telemedicine services. This significant percentage is likely partly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which drove the US government to pass legislation to expand telemedicine coverage. Telemedicine allowed people to communicate with their physicians despite shutdowns, illness, and fear of transmission. 

Montclair Concierge Medicine continues to provide telemedicine services to all concierge medicine members in Verona, New Jersey, and surrounding areas. Physician Kelly DiStefano, MD, offers remote visits to expedite your health care experience and help you reach your wellness goals. 

By reading this blog, you’ll learn everything you need to know about telemedicine and what to expect from the experience. 

The perks of choosing telemedicine

While you’ll probably still need to come in for certain medical procedures, blood tests, or vaccinations, Dr. DiStefano can accommodate convenient visits with remote care.

Telemedicine offers:

  • No waiting room time
  • No travel time or costs
  • No chance of disease transmission
  • Faster visits
  • A more comfortable setting

Telemedicine can even offer a more accurate assessment. For example, you’re likely more relaxed in your home than in a medical office. Additionally, Dr. DiStefano might be able to look for clues as to what causes any existing symptoms simply by observing your environment. 

When to opt for telemedicine

Not sure whether telemedicine can meet your needs for an upcoming visit? Consider telemedicine for any of the following reasons:

  • Reviewing the results of imaging tests or lab tests
  • Managing prescriptions
  • Brief physical exams
  • Weight management 
  • Skin assessments and management
  • Chronic disease management
  • Urgent care evaluations and treatment for acute illnesses
  • Mental health evaluations and management

Telemedicine visits might require some participation on your part, like helping Dr. DiStefano measure your blood pressure or weighing yourself on a home scale. She might also advise you to keep a journal of your symptoms or possible symptom triggers. 

What you can expect from a telemedicine visit

You can log in for virtual telemedicine visits from almost anywhere. Through a secure online platform, you can attend a telemedicine visit from your home, hotel, office, or even your car if you have internet capabilities. Wherever you are, a telemedicine visit involves high-definition video and audio capabilities so you can talk to Dr. DiStefano face to face. 

Remote monitoring, another important aspect of telemedicine, allows Dr. DiStefano to monitor specific aspects of your health. Certain medical devices can send essential parameters to her, such as your pulse or blood glucose. You might also need to manually enter information, like your weight. 

Are you ready to give telemedicine a try? Give us a call at Montclair Concierge Medicine. You may also use the convenient online booking tool to schedule a visit anytime.