5 Benefits of Switching to Concierge Medicine

Jul 07, 2023
5 Benefits of Switching to Concierge Medicine
Concierge medicine is revolutionizing the health and wellness industry, offering considerable benefits for your primary care. Read on to learn why you should make the switch today.

Becoming a member of a concierge medical practice like Montclair Concierge Medicine in Verona, New Jersey, can change how you think about and approach your medical needs. 

Concierge practices don’t bill your insurance for most primary care services. Instead, you pay a flat monthly or yearly membership fee that covers many adult and adolescent health care services. 

As a member of Montclair Concierge Medicine, Kelly DiStefano, MD, is your personal liaison for health and wellness. Beyond offering a variety of primary care services in the office, such as same-day sick visits and yearly physical exams, she’s available to answer your questions and coordinate your care with other specialists you see. 

Establishing trusting relationships with her patients is what she does best, and she’s eager to assist you whenever you need help or guidance. 

Before you take the leap and sign on for an affordable membership at Montclair Concierge Medicine, review five unmatched benefits of concierge medicine compared to a conventional approach to primary care:

1. Unlimited office visits

Booking multiple appointments with an overbooked traditional primary care provider is difficult, especially when getting just one appointment is challenging. You never have to worry about visiting too often with a concierge membership because your membership fee covers as many appointments as you need. That is especially beneficial for anyone who needs pain management or other chronic care services with needs that can change quickly. 

2. Customized wellness care

Preventive care is integral to the concierge medicine model. Dr. DiStefano is dedicated to keeping you healthy and can help by creating a personalized wellness plan. Based on your personal goals, habits, and needs, Dr. DiStefano makes tailored recommendations and supports you as you change your lifestyle for a healthier future. 

3. Same-day and remote appointments

With appointments booking quickly at many medical practices, you could be left waiting months for just one office visit. 

With a concierge membership, you don’t have to worry about a lack of appointment availability. Because Dr. DiStefano only takes on a set number of patients for concierge medicine, you can always get an appointment when needed. 

For additional convenience, Montclair Concierge Medicine offers virtual telehealth appointments you can access from anywhere. Even if you’re homebound, out of town, or tied up at work, you can communicate with Dr. DiStefano through a secure online platform with high-quality video and audio capabilities. 

4. Longer appointment times

Time constraints don’t limit your appointments with Dr. DiStefano, as they might be in a non-concierge setting. Rushed appointments are among several reasons patients report forgoing doctors’ appointments, a trend that heightened during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

You’ll never feel rushed during your visits to Montclair Concierge Medicine. With a limited number of patients, Dr. DiStefano can give you her undivided attention and the thorough and thoughtful answers you deserve. 

5. 24/7 physician access

One of the most economical perks of a concierge membership is the 24/7 access to Dr. DiStefano. Direct messaging and phone call options allow you to contact Dr. DiStefano with unanticipated medical questions, updates, or concerns. This option may save you or a family member from an unnecessary emergency room visit. 

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Montclair Concierge Medicine welcomes you to peruse our many primary care services available to members and covered by the membership fee. Call Montclair Concierge Medicine or schedule a visit online to start your membership today.